Understanding Dfundraiser

Dfundraiser uses the internet and social media to enable you raise funds beyond your traditional circle of friends and family. By using dfundraiser, you can raise funds for your self and relatives, dfundraiser also allows you to donate by backing the campaign of others on the site.

Your donations can help a sick person who needs medical attention but lacks the required fund, it can also help a student through school, it can help a family pay for their expired house rent, it can clothe the naked and administer relief to the afflicted in one way or the other.

Dfundraiser links the needy and the good Samaritans, on dfundraiser; those who stand in need of money to pay for their medical bills, school fees, house rent and even sustain their business can easily register and create a fund raising campaign/project by filling the campaign/project creation form.

For the project creators; Once a project/campaign creation form is filled and submitted, the campaign/project will then be visible for donor/backer to back the campaign by donation on dfundraiser. There is also a feature to share the campaign/project on social media platforms so as to drive a vast number of people to your project/campaign and to get worthy consideration.

On dfundraiser, there are no sign up fees and you receive your money when you need it.

For Donors; all you have to do is register and search through our site project list, choose a project/campaign, type in the amount you want to donate then click on the back campaign button and donate by paying with your paypal or card details on the checkout page.

Once the donation is received, the donor can track the project and see his donation on the backers list. If the donor chooses to be anonymous then it will only show the donated amount but will not show the donor’s name.

The donor can also share the campaign/project to his/her cycle of friends and ask them to support the project. That way the project will get funded faster and the person who stands in need can quickly get the help he/she deserves.

What are the different type of projects offered by Dfundraiser ?

The two types of fund raisers available on dfundraiser are Donation based and Reward Based.

For donation base; the donors donate freely without expecting anything from the project organizer while for reward base; the project organizer offers a service or physical product in exchange for contribution.

While filling the project form, you will find questions on reward, this session is optional and helps to determine the type of fund raising project you are organizing. If you fill the reward session of the form, then you are opting for a reward based project but if you leave it blank then you are opting for a donation based project.

Is Dfundraiser for Me ?

Virtually everyone can use dfundraiser , there are no limits as to how much you can raise and for what purpose. Provided it is legal and genuine. No project is too small or too big on dfundraiser.

What is the advantage of Dfundraiser ?

Whether you have a paypal account or not, wherever you are, you can use dfundraiser and receive your donations and make donations.

How Do I Receive Payment ?

Worldwide payment options, on request we pay directly to your bank account or paypal account.

Any Questions ?

You can ask your questions and leave comments below, for more details you can click on FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) at the bottom of the page.

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