Making Honesty Your Project Master Plan

When building a fund raising campaign, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from saying it as it was, as it is and as it will become.

As you organize your project/campaign, you may be tempted to overstate or understate the fact, but remember that the money is not more important than your legacy of trust.

While the truth will help you raise money and keep you out of trouble, deception on the other hand will destroy your reputation and build for you nothing.

A lot of people struggle to say the truth and live a true life because they feel that they will not get approval from anyone if they tell the truth, but this mentality of it self is deceptive – hence people are using the internet wrongly and making it hard for themselves and others to get help.

When we are faced with the option of being honest or not being honest, we shouldn’t only think of ourselves, we should think of the people before us, the people with us and the people after us who will be affected by the choice we eventually make, either to lie or not to lie.

While truth will help make our communities better, lies will only make it worse.

When you are honest, Backer/Donors;

1. Will see that you are genuine, you will gain their trust and they will know and feel that they can rely on the information you provide through your project/campaign.

2. Will see that you are different and your creativity will be visible and enhanced. If you are looking for a way to raise money on dfundraiser or anywhere else, it is easier done if you are honest.

3. Will have a stronger connection with you and your donors/backers will love and respect you.

Additionally, saying the truth will help you stay out of trouble and will help you to avoid the drama that comes with dishonesty.

Finally, those who donate are affectionate, sincere and sensitive, as they increasingly give to help others, they become more sensitive and affectionate.

There are very few givers today, to help us enlist more givers and retain existing givers, we owe them the virtue of honesty and integrity. That way they feel safer giving and feel better knowing that the cause they are donating to is yielding good fruit.

Food for thought; ‘Every Successful Receiver is a Wonderful Giver’.

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