Is RAGP a profitable business?

RAGP means Recharge and get paid. It is a Virtual Top-up (VTU) distribution company setup by Adelekan Oluwaseun Ojo in 2015. According to its website, “Recharge and get paid is a platform that help create wealth for people. It gives you the license (Right) to own and operate your very own Virtual Top Up (VTU) business in the telecoms sector with Airtime, Data & Utility Bill payment”.

It is licensed and legit, but is it a profitable business? Is it lucrative and worth investing in? This article, would review facts about RAGP, and these facts will help you decide if it is a profitable business or not.

Recharge and get paid is in partnership with MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9mobile, DSTV, STARTIMES, GOTV, and PHCN. It uses virtual top up to recharge MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and 9mobile lines, as well as Data subscriptions, Cable subscriptions, and electricity bill payment. They provide you a platform to perform these transactions with ease  and make money from all. These are what you can do on this platform all with the best profits-

👉Print recharge cards

👉Sell Data bundle

👉Sell Airtime(VTU)

👉Cable TV Subscription e.g. DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES

👉Electricity Payment

👉Wallet Funding

👉Smile, Spectranet subscriptions

In recharge and get paid, you receive commission for all transactions you perform. You receive commission when you recharge for yourself or others, when you do data subscription, and when you pay electricity bills. As a registered member of Recharge and get paid, these are your commissions-

  • 2% when you recharge and sell airtime.
  • 10% when you buy and sell data.
  • 20% when you refer your friends to join the platform.
  • 10% if your referrals refer people to join the platform.
  • 35% if your referrals recharge or buy airtime.
  • 40 naira on cable subscription.

Let’s do the calculations-

2% when you recharge and sell airtime.

2% of 100 naira airtime

2/100 * 100/1 = 200/100 = 2

(2 naira on every 100 naira airtime)

2/100 * 200/1 = 400/100 = 4

(4 naira on every 200 naira airtime)

Subsequently, 6 naira on every 300 naira airtime, and so on.

If you sell fifty 100 naira airtime daily (2 naira * fifty = 100 naira profit),

Fifty 200 naira airtime daily

( 4 naira * fifty = 200 naira profit),

Fifty 500 naira airtime daily

(10 naira * fifty = 500 naira profit)

That is 800 naira profit daily when put together. If you continue doing this for a month, you will earn 800 naira * 30 days = 24,000 naira monthly. If you do this for a year, you will earn 24,000 monthly * 12 months = 288,000 naira yearly.

Does RAGP seem like a profitable business to you?

Now, let’s calculate for data-

10% when you buy and sell data

10% of 500 naira data

10/100 * 500/1 = 5000/100 = 50

(50 naira on every 500 naira data)

10% of 1000 naira data

10/100 * 1000/1 = 10,000/100 = 100

(100 naira on every 1000 naira data)

So, if you sell fifty 500 naira data monthly (50 naira * fifty = 2500 naira monthly profit), and if you sell fifty 1000 naira data monthly (100 naira * fifty = 5000 naira monthly profit). Altogether that is 7500 naira; in a year it would be 7500 * 12 = 90,000 naira profit.

The airtime yearly profit and the data yearly profit put together is 288,000 naira + 90,000 naira = 378,000 naira yearly profits.

Now show me another platform that can help you earn this sum of money legitimately, and all in a year.

RAGP packages and their benefits

  • Basic Package (5000 naira package fee)- receive 1000 naira on every 5000 naira registration, and 20 PV.
  • Bronze Package (10,000 naira package fee)- receive 2000 naira on every 10,000 naira registration, and 40 PV.
  • Silver Package (20,000 naira package fee)- receive 4000 naira on every 20,000 naira registration, and 80 PV.
  • Gold Package (30,000 naira package fee)- receive 6000 naira on every 30,000 naira registration, and 120 PV.
  • Diamond Package (40,000 naira package fee)- receive 8000 naira on every 40,000 naira registration, and 160 PV.
  • Platinum Package (50,000 naira package fee)- receive 10,000 naira on every 50,000 naira registration, and 200 PV.
  • Executive Platinum (100,000 naira package fee)- receive 20,000 naira on every 100,000 naira registration and 400 PV.

What is PV?

PV means point value. Is PV important in RAGP?

Yes, it is.

The higher your PV, the more money you can make on RAGP, and other luxuries comes with it.

How can you increase your PV?

Whenever you refer a friend and they register, you will be rewarded with increase of PV. If you registered with Basic package (which is 20 PV) and your friend registered with Gold package (which is 120 PV) your PV will become-(20pv your own package + 120pv friend’s package = 140 PV) So your PV will jump to 140. Anytime that friend upgrades his or her package or refer a friend, you will be rewarded with equivalent PVs.

How does PV helps you earn more?

  1. If you get ten thousand (10,000) PVs in total, you will be awarded with a hundred thousand naira (100,000).
  2. If you get twenty five thousand (25,000) PVs, you will be rewarded with five hundred(500,000) naira or an international trip (you get to decide).
  3. If you get sixty thousand(60,000) PVs, you will get a car fund of two million (2,000,000) naira.
  4. If your PV accumulates to a hundred thousand (100,000), you will be rewarded with 1st House fund worth three million (3,000,000) naira.
  5. If your PV gets to two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000), you will be rewarded with 2nd House fund of four million (4,000,000) naira.
  6. Finally, if your PV can rise to five hundred thousand (500,000), you will be gifted with 3rd House fund of six million (6,000,000) naira

Now you tell me, is RAGP a profitable business? I will leave you to answer that question yourself based on the facts I have given you.

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