Here is how to Send Money Faster and Safer

Azimo is the fast, convenient and low-cost international payment platform for your business– Azimo is an online money transfer company that offers customers low fees and excellent exchange rates to more than 190 countries, in over 80 currencies.

The following reasons explains why you should start using Azimo;

#1. No Card Fees

With Azimo you can pay with a bank transfer or with your corporate debit or credit card (with no extra card fee)

#2. No Monthly Limits

With Azimo you can send up to 250,000 GBP or equivalent in a single transfer with no monthly limits.

#3. Make Repeat Transfers

With Azimo you can make repeat payments to existing recipients in a few clicks

#4. Goods and Services

With Azimo you can pay suppliers and buy products from anywhere in the world in over 60 currencies.

#5. International payroll

With Azimo you can make quick and secure payments to your employees, freelancers and contractors overseas.

#6. Overseas investment

With Azimo you can fund investment in properties, assets and companies abroad.

#7. Hurry Now

Create your Azimo Business account and start sending in minutes.

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