Is GramFree Legit or a Scam?

GramFree is a new site that claims to be helping people earn money online with no investment required. Does this sound too good to be true?
In this article, we will discuss these contents-

1. What is GramFree?
2. How does it operate?
3. Payment Methods
4. Is it a registered company?
5. Who is the owner of GramFree?
6. When did it start?
7. Users Review
8. Pros and Cons of GramFree
9. Is there anyone with proof of payment?

What is GramFree?

According to its website, GramFree is a new platform with incredible opportunities. It is a blockchained-based digital project developed to be fast, safe, scalable, and capable of processing millions of transactions per second. They claim that GramFree deals with Grams which is a cryptorian currency just like Bitcoin; you earn grams which can later be converted to money, and 1 gram is equal to 2 U.S dollars. They don’t require you to make any monetary investment, all they require is that you visit the site and complete some designated tasks everyday.

How does it operate?

Once you are registered with them (note: registration is free), there are certain tasks you can carry out on the site to earn grams.

These tasks includes-

1. Watching daily videos- there are 5 videos available for you to watch daily. Each video is a minute long and will earn you 0.1 gram each, amounting to 0.5 grams for the 5 videos.

2. Doing the free roll- this activity is more like a ‘try your luck game’. All you have to do is press the roll button, then numbers ranging from 1 to 1000 starts rolling; eventually it will stop and whatever number it falls on determines how much grams you have won. You can only roll 5 times daily at an hour interval. Interesting right!

3. Signing smart contract- I know this sounds serious and monetary but it is easy and requires no money. All that is required of you is to go to the smart contract menu and click on the ‘sign’ or ‘take’ button. Risky contracts require you to sign in daily for the next 5 days to avoid losing your grams. When you sign your first smart contract, you would be gifted with 10 grams. That’s it.

4. Referrals- each member of GramFree has a personalized referral link which you can find on the referral menu. Copy your referral link and send to your family and friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms, inviting them to join GramFree; if you are successful at this and they sign up using your referral link, you would be rewarded with 5 grams.

5. Uploading a video- you can make a video advertising GramFree and inviting people to join, post it on YouTube and post the video link on GramFree for approval. Your video has to be a maximum of 2 minutes and minimum of 1 minute long. If your video meets their standards and it is approved, you would be rewarded with 5 grams.

A bonus way of earning grams is to level up. Once you get to a new level, you would be rewarded with two grams. Been active on the site and performing your required daily actions increases your level percentage. Once you get up to five hundred gams you are eligible to make your withdrawals, which would be about one thousand U.S dollars (in naira it would be three hundred and eighty thousand).

Payment Methods

You can receive your money through-
• PayPal
• Bank Transfer (using MasterCard or Visa card)
• Payoneer
• American Pay
• Bitcoin
• American Express

Is it a registered company?

GramFree is not a registered company.

Who is the owner of GramFree?

There is no mention of the owner of GramFree. His or her identity has been kept hidden; there is also no mention of the names of team members. The reason for this secrecy is not disclosed to us.

When did GramFree start?

There is also no disclosure of the day GramFree came into existence.

Users Review

Let us see people’s reviews on the site to decide on the answer to the question, “Is GramFree legit or a scam?”


“I cannot say if it is real or fake as it stands, until I make my withdrawal”- Taiwo Okunola.


“I have requested cash out today and I am hoping to receive my money in the next 10 days by God’s grace”- Juan Hombre.


“I am still working on the website so I can’t say for sure if it is real or fake, but I pray it is for my own good”- Jopet Obi.


“Best project. Really pays! Gramfree- the best!”- Silvester Warren.

“Great project. Pays everyone. I don’t understand why many people do not believe. I personally withdrew the money and did it without any investments”- Grant C.

“GramFree is a scam! Please do not waste your valuable time. First I believed them and completed the task, but when I request for withdrawal, they suspended my account”- Md. T

Are you convinced by these reviews to make your stand about GramFree?

Pros and Cons

Let us also explore the Pros and Cons of GramFree.

• Free to use.
• Simple tasks to be completed.
• Many payment method.
• Earning potentials are limited.
• There is no information about the company on their website. The FAQ is only accessible once you have registered.
• Hidden owner.
• It is not a registered company.

Is there any proof of payment from already registered members?

Some members of GramFree claim to have withdrawn five hundred grams and a thousand grams, but you can only see proof of payment when you are registered.

From all the contents we have discussed, what is your stand? Is GramFree legit or a scam? If you feel it’s legit, visit the website GramFree to register to be a member. If you don’t want to take those chances, you don’t have to do that; after all, it is risky to involve in a company that is not registered and keeps its owner a secret.

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