How Daniel and Christy Got Funded

Could life get any better? I wondered. Well it just did.

Daniel spoke as he wondered to himself what am I going to do, speaking softly but yet unsure about what the future holds, he said to Kosin on the first day of May twenty nineteen “my wife had delivered a set of twins girls through operation after a complicated delivery, and I have expended all my life savings to ensure that they get the best medical attention, as I speak with you, Kosin, I have spent over a hundred thousand naira and the hospital bill is three hundred and four thousand naira (304,000 naira), what I still owe the hospital that helped with the birth of my two beautiful babies is two hundred and fifty four thousand naira (254,000 naira), I am just confused, I don’t know where to turn to, how can I raise that kind of money, this all issue have got me so, worried.”

With Kosin’s head down, he felt very bad and he was just as confused as Daniel,
Kosin thought to himself and contemplated, what can we do ?

Previously, Kosin have developed a website basically aimed in raising funds, so he could help those who need help financially. Because Kosin’s website is still very new, he thought to himself,
“Maybe I should set up a campaign for Daniel, so he could get the financial help he needs.”

Kosin cleared his throat, “Daniel, have you ever held of online fundraising?”
Daniel replied, “No”
Kosin carefully explained to Daniel what online fundraising was and told him that it could help him raise the money for the hospital bill, that while it is very possible, he cannot guarantee that the online fundraising will be successful but that they should just give it a try if Daniel will be willing.

Daniel bluntly replied, Yes, he is willing. But when do we start ? Kosin replied, Tomorrow, we will both go to the hospital to see your wife and the twins and we would snap some pictures and write a campaign story explaining your family situation and how much you need for the medical bill. Kosin also reminded Daniel to discuss their plan with his wife, Christy.

They agreed, then, Daniel and Kosin greeted goodnight and went their separate ways.

When Kosin arrived home, he discussed the troubling matter that Daniel had related to him with his wife, and told her about what he suggested to Daniel, and that he would prefer to set the campaign for Daniel on a more popular website like ‘gofundme’ rather than dfundraiser which he created, but his wife encouraged him to use dfundraiser, and Kosin agreed to use his own website (dfundraiser) to set up the campaign.

The following day, the second day of May twenty nineteen, by 8:30am, Kosin and Daniel left for the hospital, they followed through as planned and Kosin returned home to set up the fundraising project while Daniel remained at the hospital with his family.

Immediately Kosin, got home, he created the campaign and published it on dfundraiser – this he did with his wife, Adeteju who helped him coin the words. Immediately it was published, Kosin and his wife started sharing the project on facebook and whatsapp to all their friends soliciting for donation on behalf of Daniel’s family. A lot of persons responded with a promise to send the family of Daniel what they can afford but none of them kept their promise except, Ayo, who was so enthusiastic about the family and their story, Ayo runs a foundation called ‘Care for the Unreached’. She asked Kosin’s wife Adeteju to confirm the validity of the information and also to send her more pictures, so she could be clear on the issue surrounding the family of Daniel.

On May 3rd a campaign was lunched by Ayo on facebook soliciting for donations on behalf of Daniel’s family.

By God’s grace and mercy, the campaign that Ayo lunched raised $542 dollars, which is about 195,000 naira.

On the twelfth day of May, twenty nineteen, Ayo sent 200,000 naira to Kosin’s account, though the money was not enough to clear the bill but Kosin and Daniel resolved to go to the hospital and approach the doctor as Ayo suggested.

The Doctor who own the hospital met Kosin and Daniel and he accepted 170,000 naira and waived off 84,000 naira, saying that Daniel’s wife and his new born twins should be discharged.

Oh dear, My joy was full. We were so happy. Now we can sleep! We exclaimed, smiling and laughing. Returning thanks to God for prayers answered.

May God bless all those who donated and those who have yielded the called to help.

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Daniel’s family and the Nurses celebrating what God has done for them. See the photos below;



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