4 Guiding Steps To Raise Money Quickly

Clearly, anything online can be done quickly and simply- from simply creating a fund raiser campaign/project and getting donations quickly.

If you don’t know where to start and how to start, this post will help you get started.

1. Title, Short Story and Campaign Story Guidelines:

First, the title must clearly reflect your purpose. The quickest way to raise money is to write a sincere but compelling story. The story should be short but on point.

Your campaign story/short story must be captivating because your short story can influence people to donate to your cause and you must choose your words carefully.

Our ability to understand and share the feelings of another is the major reason why we give -that is why your campaign story and short story should be easily understood and soul-stirring.

2. Use Attractive and Compelling Photos/Video:

It is very important, especially today to use photo/video in your fund raising campaign. Photo/video will help tell the story, prove validity, bring empathy and prompt action. Adding a compelling photo that is clear, focused and bright can be very helpful. Ensure that the photo/video shows the beneficiary/ies and that it tells the story as it is.

If your photos/video are attractive then people would share your campaign and this will bring more donations.

Your photos and videos should be decent, modest and free from violence. It should be family friendly and must agree with our terms and conditions.

3. Set Your Funding Goal:

There are many important factors to consider in setting up a successful fundraising campaign and one of them is the way you set your funding goal. The bottom line is that, your funding goal should be realistic meaning that the amount you are setting should not be too big or too small but should be appropriate with the project you need the money for.

This is where you must be honest by stating the correct amount needed but you should also consider other cost that you may incur so that the money raised will be enough for you to use. Lets say you need $1,000 for hospital bill, your funding goal should be slightly above $1,000 because you will incur payment processing charges and possibly other unforseen cost. So that at the end of the day, you still have $1,000 to cater for the medical bill.

Use the goal date and time to instill urgency especially for projects like medicals, education, rent, emergency e.t.c

4. Drive Traffic To Your Campaign/Project:

This is done by sharing to your family and close friends first – asking them to support the project or campaign you have created before you go public on social media.

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